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TYG Media has been involved in every facet of Christian Radio & Commercial Radio
… from Pre-Production, Production, Post-Production and to Radio Network Syndication, Marketing and Distribution efforts …
We’re proud to have had the opportunity to work with many great Christian Radio projects and we look forward to working together with you on yours!

TYG Media has extensive experience in Radio – from national Network Radio development and distribution to local and online Radio Broadcasting.
We’ve worked with music formats to talk formats and in all aspects of Radio
including national syndication and development of the Music of Your Life Radio Network to weekly audience of 2,000,000+
We’ve also working in co-development of the Christian FM National Radio Network to provide
Contemporary Christian Music programming 24/7 to 200+ (and growing) Radio Stations across the country.
We’d love to help you!

TYG Media also has extensive experience in Audio production –
from location live audio reinforcement, recording & production to studio recording & post-production.
We’ve worked with major cruise lines and major music acts in various venues and locations.
We’d love to help you!

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